Caribbean Gardens and Market is closed please read further details here. Click here.


Caribbean Gardens is seeking expressions of interest for obsolete items. Major items include two locomotives with carriages and a chairlift – Click here for further information.

Caribbean Gardens and Market operated from 1970s until 2020. A place for families to enjoy Lake Caribbean and Caribbean Market. For decades it was a unique family friendly day out. This part of land sits within a 500 acre parcel that is home to Caribbean Boats, Caribbean Rollerama, Caribbean Business and Industrial Park and more recently the Caribbean Park Office Precinct.

The much loved property has been nurtured for three generations of the same family and continues to be masterplanned as a community precinct. Caribbean Park is the name that is used to describe the entire property and while the family determines exactly how Caribbean Gardens and the property on which hosted Caribbean Market is used in the future. It currently remains closed to the public.

Please use the below links to reach other areas of Caribbean Park.

Caribbean Park Industrial and Office Precinct:

Caribbean Rollerama:

Caribbean Boats:

Caribbean Park will keep this website operational as a tool to remember the Market and also to engage with the community keeping you up to date on future plans.