Stallholders Story – Paula Ink – redible Calamari

Ink-redible Calamari’s owner Paula has had her business for 3 years and a stall at the market for the last 2 years. Paula is one of the street food area’s favourites, selling fresh salt and pepper calamari served in pine cones with cos lettuce and lemon making it so easy to walk around the market and gardens with a meal in hand.

Customers love the freshly cooked calamari and Paula’s secret family recipe adds a special zing to the experience. When Paula isn’t at the market or working on the business some of her favourite things to do is to see her grandchildren, do a little fishing (but not enough) or go to the movies. Paula’s favourite thing about the market is its family-friendly atmosphere and her awesome customers. Outside of the market her family is experiencing more exciting success with her step son LEE HARDING making the finals of channel Nine’s THE VOICE. You may remember the name from his time on Australian Idol and his hit single “Wasabi” in 2006.

Well, he’s back better than ever with a completely new look and sound, still keeping his electric and engaging stage presence with a new sense of self-confidence and maturity which comes with the live touring, recording and songwriting experiences he has had since his original success in 2006. Step Mum Paula says he’s always been focused on music and never wavered. Her favourite song of Lee’s is “Little Man” written about his band’s drummer’s son, who was not well when he was born and spent quite a bit of time in hospital before he was allowed to come home. Paula is so proud of her stepson as is everyone at Caribbean Markets. You can visit Paula and have a chat while you wait for your calamari every Wednesday and Sunday at the street food section.

To Support Lee: Watching his performances on THE VOICE MONDAYS & TUESDAYS 7:30pm Voting NOW OPEN

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