Babes to Kids – Stallholder story

Kim and Shirley Jeanton’s baby headbands and gorgeous accessories business grew from demand of mums asking the stallholders to come back after their first market day 4 years ago selling their gorgeous creations at the Babes to kids stall.

You can understand the demand for the stall as soon as you walk past. Kim and Shirley’s stall is immaculate, beautifully presented with wonderfully baby-friendly themed tables. From their signage to their packaging everything matches and presents beautifully. It is no wonder that their stall is a success. With a new table for their latest creations on one table, with 2 of the cutest unicorns you’ve ever seen, to a second sale table starting from the low price of $1.50.

Everything is laid out and labelled leaving no question on price or product unanswered. Which makes for a really great experience, especially when they are so friendly and talking to customers there is no need for waiting around just to answer a simple question. The quality of the goods they sell is also fantastic with beautiful top knots made out of mermaid and unicorn-inspired fabrics and hand-beaded jewellery, no stitch is seen and no threads left hanging.

Kim said their favourite thing about the market is “the amazing staff, great food and regular clients”. These elements are what they still love to this day and keep them coming back every month for Babes to Kids!

Perfect for baby shower gifts, a place to go for the cool aunt who doesn’t know what baby sizes are, parents and grandparents who are collecting for a newborn in the family or that Bub that just doesn’t stop growing. Come to Babes to Kids the first Wednesday of every month and see all the amazing one of a kind products.