Be Prepared this Summer – CFA/SES Display at Caribbean Market

Be prepared this Summer!

CFA / SES Emergency Services will provide a Public Display on Sunday 12th November 2017 at Caribbean Gardens. To engage with the public and promote awareness of the upcoming 2017/18 fire season and the dangers associated with travelling through high fire danger areas. The display will include: static displays of emergency vehicles and equipment, interactive information centre and two practical demonstrations of the work performed by various emergency services to work together to extract a person trapped in a car.

The CFA / SES and other emergency services encourage all members of the public to drop by the display and learn or refresh your memory on how to prepare your home for the fire season.

Information includes:

➢ How to receive Watch & Act Fire Safety alert messages.

➢ Plan ahead and leave early.

➢ Surviving a bushfire.

➢ Can I or Can’t I – use of BBQ and open fires during declared FDP periods and TFB days.

➢ Road safety and preparing for travel during the holiday period.

➢ Revive Survive and the dangers of fatigue on our roads.

➢ Health Watch, looking out for the elderly and children on extreme heat days.

You can find the display in the front car park opposite the KIOSK and adjacent to the market pavilion.