Caribbean Gardens and Market Christmas Specials

Let us share with you some super specials from Caribbean Gardens and Market.
  • 100% Natural Moisturiser $10 each or 3 for $25 (SUNDAY STALL: A25 or WEDNESDAY STALL: F36)
  • Paper-Sella-Fella 20% discount on purchases above $25 (SUNDAY STALL: H1-H4, WEDNESDAY STALL: F1-F5 or FRIDAY STALL: D6-D9)
  • Set of 3 S/S mixing bowls (1.5L, 3L and 5L) only $12 per set (WEDNESDAY STALL: C9)
  • Summer Hat for Children & Adults from $5 (WEDNESDAY STALL: B9-B12 or FRIDAY STALL: D28-D32)
  • Christmas Craft Products 5% off  (WEDNESDAY STALL: I20 or FRIDAY STALL: F20)
Market Specials available from now until December 31st 2015. For any further information regarding the Market Specials please ask for the Market Manager on duty. We hope to see you here soon!