Caribbean Gardens and Market Update for Stall Holders

The Victorian Government recently announced an easing of some restrictions related to Covid-19. These positive but cautious first steps included reference to ‘non-food and drink market stalls’, and their ability to reopen after 31 May 2020.

This announcement has allowed Caribbean Gardens and Market management to commence planning for the markets reopening.  It is still premature to commit to a date for reopening, but we wanted to share with you the steps we are taking to ensure that when we do reopen, the market is at its vibrant best.

Public health and safety is central to our reopening plan and consistent with the governments approach, we will be taking a purposeful but cautious approach; this is our obligation to the public, stall holders and our respective brands and reputations. 

Health and safety planning has commenced in earnest, a marketing strategy is being prepared for relaunch, a revised space utilisation study is underway as is engagement with stall holders.  This robust body of work is going to give us all the very best chance of opening and opening strongly.

Accordingly, we have put together a short survey to gather stall holders critical feedback to help us determine when the market can recommence trading. If you are a stall holder please take the time to complete the survey at your earliest convenience. 

Stall Holder Feedback Survey