Caribbean Gardens and Market stall holders and market management agreed to suspend trade of Caribbean Gardens & Market due to Covid-19. 

Caribbean Gardens & Market exists for families and the community and this decision is about putting key stakeholders first. Please read through the below frequently asked questions for further information.  

Why is the Market trade suspended?

Stall holders and market management took the difficult, but responsible decision to suspend trade due to Covid-19.

When is the last Market before trade is suspended? 

The market is closed.  For all market information please go to our facebook page and keep an eye on the website. 

When will the Market reopen?

Caribbean Gardens & Market are taking steps to ensure that when we do reopen, the market is at its vibrant best. An open date has not been confirmed at this stage however, we are currently working towards this and will provide updates via our website and Facebook page.

Is there a way we can contact stall holders and get their products? 

Caribbean Gardens & Market will connect customers and stall holders as best they can. There is a form online where you can submit your details and the products you are looking for. Caribbean Market staff will do their best to respond to these in a timely manner. Click here.

What does this mean for stall holders?

With hundreds of different stall holders it will mean different thing to each of them. Some will revise their product offerings, some will grow their businesses, some will innovate, some may even close.

What we do know is that this is an uncertain and difficult time for many people and businesses and we aim to all work together to create a vibrant and healthy market when this is over.

A short survey to gather stall holders feedback has been put together to help Caribbean Gardens and Market to determine when the market can recommence trading. If you are a stall holder please take the time to complete the survey at your earliest convenience.

What does this mean for the future of the market?

There is a commitment for Caribbean Gardens and Market to resume trade when it is safe to do so.  We will use this time to discuss new ideas with customers, stall holders and the wider Market industry. It will allow us to optimise and plan for the future. We’ll remain focused on attracting unique, quality stallholders, generating local and small business opportunities for traders, and continue creating fun, family friendly experiences.

Where do I go if I have orders still outstanding at the Market?

Please contact our Market Manager and they will endeavour to seek a result or answer for you.

What does this mean for Car Shows?

Car Shows are a fantastic complement to Caribbean Gardens and Market and we look forward to welcoming shows back when the market resumes trade. Keep an eye on our website calendar for any updates on postponed events and for car show organisers please call us and reschedule your car show – we will do our best to fit you all in once we have reopened. 

I’m a stall holder how can I promote my business to customers?

Please contact the Market Manager and let them know you’re keen to get your business to customers. We are working through this at the moment.

Will stall holders get a refund?

Caribbean Gardens and Market to this point has operated on a pay per use model so for many stall holders this isn’t applicable. Permanent stall holders and shop front operators are encouraged to speak with Market Management regarding their arrangement.

What will happen to the Babes to Kids market?

Babes to Kids is still an important initiative for sellers and buyers we will continue this theme provided there is a demand, when we reopen.

What can I do to support the market to open?

We are asking all customers, community members and stall holders to give us your best ideas and thoughts on what you’d like to see at the market when it reopens. Tell us what you love about the market, share your stories with us. We want to make sure the community is supportive of Caribbean Gardens and Market reopening to visitors. Click the follow link to share your thought and ideas with us!

Stall holder feedback: 

Customer feedback:

Will there be an entrance fee when Caribbean Gardens and Market reopens?

This will be determined closer to the time of the market reopening.

Where can I receive updates about changes to the market? and the Gardens and Market Facebook page will be updated with changes. 

Will Caribbean Gardens and Market organised events still be going ahead?

The Caribbean Garden and Market Easter Fun school holiday event has been postponed during this time. Please keep an eye on our website and Facebook page for updates.

Where can I find out more information about the procedures and advice that Caribbean Market follows?

Caribbean Gardens is following all guidelines and laws provided by the Victorian Health and Human Services. You can find this information via their website:

What do I do if I feel unwell?

What if I have been diagnosed with Coronavirus and attended the market as a customer or stall holder?

Please contact the Market Manager or Operations Manager and let them know immediately.

Is Caribbean Rollerama open?

Please check information.