Train & Chairlift

Caribbean Gardens is inviting expressions of interest for obsolete items. Major items include two locomotives with 11 carriages each, approximately 3.2kms of railway and a chairlift approximately 306m and 32 double chairs, all in operational order.

Train – Locomotive 1

Locomotive with 4 cylinder Diesel engine with torque converter, 11 carriages (4 wheels per carriage) each able to carry 6 passengers.

Train – Locomotive 2

Malcolm Moore Locomotive with 4 speed gear box, 11 carriages (4 wheels per carriage) each able to carry 6 passengers.

Train – Accessories

Approximately 3.2kms of railway with 24″ gauge and rail size of 45lbs/yard and 60lbs/yd. In good condition with a quantity of new red gum sleepers.


Complete operational chairlift with 32 double chairs. The length of the ride is 306m (one-way) with 1 inch diameter cable approximately double the length (for return). The chairlift has been regularly maintained and crack tested. Ride operates with 3 phase electric motor with auxiliary petrol motor. Includes 5 towers, plus the start and finish towers, along with the 14 tonne counter weight (approximately).

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