Inspiring Melbourne Suburbs to Jump onto Food Trucks

If you came down to visit us during the recent Twilight at Caribbean festival, you may have noticed something distinctly different. Yes, while the holographic light shows, fireworks, water skiing and sunset lighting were all a new way to see the beautiful gardens, we’re talking about all the food trucks that were on show!

The popularity of food trucks over the last couple of years has skyrocketed, but they’re usually confined to Melbourne’s inner suburbs, out of reach for a lot of people – until now. It was great to be a part of people embracing the food truck trend here in Melbourne’s east, and we hope it’s just the beginning.

While the idea of a food truck can often bring to mind the simple delights of pies, sausage rolls, Mr Whippy and the 3am souvlaki, these modern-day reinventions couldn’t be more different.

Sitting somewhere between a fast food outlet and restaurant experience, food trucks offer a fresh, fun way to get your hands on some great gourmet food at affordable prices. Some that made their appearance at Twilight at Caribbean included everything from a modern take on the humble burger with Mr Burger and Sliders on Tyres, to tastes around the globe with Brazilian Bites, Fancy Hank’s BBQ, Bibimbap, La Revolucion and Nem n Nem and heaps more.

Keep an eye out for more events featuring food trucks at Caribbean Gardens in the future, or take a look at this site that locates your favourite trucks wherever they are, whenever you want them!

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