Weekly Stall Holders



Casual Stall Holders $20 $28
Regular Stall Holders $16 $24
Outside Stall $16 $10
Babes to Kids Market $16 N/A

The price includes the use of a 3ft x 7ft (0.9 x 2.1mtrs) table with enough space to stand behind the stall.

Stall sites do not allow for any trailers or cars.

NOTE: Limited powered sites are available for $2 extra. Please bring a long extension lead (15mtrs or so). This fee will be collected from you when we collect your stall tickets. Please keep your stall tickets with you on your stall as they are collected during the day.

For market FAQs, please click here.

Casual Stalls

The Ferntree Gully Road gate opens at 6:00 am and all stall tickets must be purchased at the ticket box. After you have purchased your stall ticket, proceed down the roadway towards the market and join the queue on the left hand side of the road.

Stall allocation from this queue commences at approximately 8:00am. Our staff will need to be advised of how many stalls you require and what you are selling. We then direct you to your stall. Once you have promptly unloaded your stock onto the stall, your vehicle must be removed from the market pavilion by 8:30am as this is when the markekt is open to the general public.

Regular Stalls

It is advised that you attend our market initially as a casual stall holder. After such time, we recommend that you discuss your interest in becoming a “regular” stall holder with the Market Managers. It really is a simple process and your Market Manager will show you how. One of the perks of becoming a regular stall holder is you have a reserved table position and you do not need to wait in the casual queue. However, to do this you must have the initial discussion with your Market Manager when you are a casual stall holder.

Stall Presentation & Tips

  • We recommend bringing a tablecloth to cover your table, making it look more presentable. You should also bring a chair or stool as it can be a long day if you are standing up.
  • Clothes racks are a fantastic way of displaying clothing items and also great for creating extra space on your table.
  • If you place too many items on your table, it could look cluttered and customers may avoid your stall, so keep your items neat. You can keep boxes/bags under your table so that you can replace items on the table once you have sold them.
  • Do not overprice your items!! People come to the Market to pick up a bargain and feedback from past stallholders found that the more reasonable the price, the more they sold.
  • Make sure you bring along some plastic bags that you can use to put your items in when they are purchased by the customer.
  • Ensure that all items are visibly labelled with a price tag. This can be each item individually or in groups of items that are the same price.
  • Be approachable, smile and greet your customers. Something so simple can make a big difference in the amount of people who will approach your stall.


  • If you are a regular stall holder and have extra people / employees working for you, you are entitled to an employee entry card. You may acquire one of these cards by asking anyone of our staff on the day.
  • Stall holders must remove all unsold goods at the close of the trading day.
  • Stall holders MUST leave their stall free of all rubbish at the end of the trading day. All cardboard must be flattened and placed into the Green Recycling Bins and all other rubbish is to be placed in the Green Rubbish Trailers, both located around the outside of the pavilion, near the major exits.
  • The sale or the offering for sale of Illegal, counterfeit or stolen products on these premises is prohibited.
  • It is your responsibility to contact the appropriate authorities for information regarding regulations and / or licenses for the sale of particular goods. If you are selling pre-packaged foods, you must bring a copy of your registered kitchen certificate.
  • By law, pets are not allowed to be sold in markets.
  • No Dogs allowed on the premises.
  • The management of Caribbean Gardens accepts no liability or responsibility of any kind what-so-ever as to renting selling space and is in no way responsible for the legal safety of those people who wish to use the premises, nor does it accept responsibility for transactions with the public, but reserves the right to eject any person and their chattels from the premises without showing cause.
  • If you require any other information, please phone, or see one of our staff on the day.

Regular stallholder conditions

  • Regular stallholders will attend on a regular basis each Sunday unless prior notice is given (at least 24 hrs prior to trading day). Please advise office or market staff in writing of impending holidays. Email [email protected] and fax no: 9756 5050.
  • Regular stalls must be occupied before 7.45am. Management has the right to re-allocated stalls not occupied by this time.
  • Stalls to be kept neat, tidy and safe at all times. Before leaving the market all rubbish to be disposed of in rubbish bins or trailer (located around market). (boxes and cartons to be flattened first).
  • It is the stallholders responsibility to have second hand dealers licence etc if necessary.
  • Vehicles are not permitted in the market building during market hours.
  • The sale of stolen or counterfeit goods is a criminal offence and is prohibited.
  • Stalls are not to be transferred to another stallholder without Caribbean gardens consent.
  • Subject to management regulations at Caribbean gardens market.

Market Layout

    On any given Market Day (Wednesday and Sunday) you will find 100’s of market stall holder with a variety of items for sale. With over 2 acres (10,500sqm) under cover we are one of Melbourne largest and most well known markets. We also have fantastic casual stall holders rates and encourage new casual stall holders to try their hand at selling unique and interesting items. More information on the Stall Holder page.

    Gardens & Market Map



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