Pin Up Pageant and Vintage Market

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Caribbean Gardens and Market Caribbean Gardens would like to thank you for your interest in participating in the Miss Caribbean Gardens Pinup Day. We regret to inform you that due to unforeseen circumstances, we are currently looking at the perfect date to move the event to. We apologise for the inconvenience this may have caused you and hope you will be able to join us on the new date for a bigger and better event. If you have already purchased a ticket and are unable to attend the new date in March and would like a refund please reply to this email and we will arrange immediately. We would like to personally thank you again for your support of the Caribbean Gardens and Dollys Dream and hope to see you on our new event date in 2020 where we hope to raise funds for the important work the Dollys Dream do, supporting Aussie kids to deal with bullying. Yours Sincerely, Caribbean Market.

Melbourne’s own, Kim Turner, will host and emcee the event as her pinup personality, Bombshell Barbie. The judging panel is comprised of well-known personalities in the Victorian Pinup community, including Miss Katie Kaleidoscope; the recent winner of the prestigious Pinup Doll Australia competition and the current face of Daisy Jean Floral Designs, Scarlet Soda. Other judges include Miss Cherry La Blaze, the 2019 overall winner of the 2019 Ballarat Beat Pinup competition, Geelong’s own Lenny Orsetti from Lenny’s Custom Clothing and Sarah-Jane Lenko of Sylvester Dance Group.

Although the event borrows from traditional beauty pageants, the aim is to celebrate creativity and uniqueness. Open to all and here to embrace all.

“Fashion is for everyone. Vintage fashion particularly has a wonderful way of uniting people under a mutual love of style and nostalgia.” Turner said.

The Pageant aims to celebrate uniqueness and strength of personality both within contestants and the judging panel, to further promote the theme of inclusivity and respect. Dolly’s Dream was approached to be involved for this reason.

“I think everyone can relate to a time when they were bullied. Benefitting a charity like Dolly’s Dream is a great way to set an example that no matter what your style or how you look, you deserve respect.” Turner said.

The Miss Caribbean Gardens Pinup Pageant will take place on Sunday, November 24th at the Caribbean Gardens and Markets in Scoresby, from 10am to 3pm.


– True Vintage

– Rockabilly Revival

– Geekabilly

True Vintage: A majority of the outfit is true vintage or created from a genuine vintage pattern. Vintage fashion fans, this is your chance to show off your style and possibly your sewing skills! This is definitely the time to get periodically accurate and to truly emulate your favourite starlet or heroine from days gone by. Remember, true vintage could also mean anything from the 60s to late 70’s so have fun with it, whether your style be 40’s Hollywood starlet, 50’s housewife, 60s mod or beatinick or a flower child of the 70s. Remember that your whole outfit doesn’t have to be true vintage, shoes, accessories and smaller items that look true to the period, but made recently may be used. Props are also encouraged.

Rockabilly Revival: Modern rockabilly and pinup style. This category is for those who love vintage style but prefer to wear reproduction pieces. You can incorporate true vintage pieces into your look but overall look is judged on how well the look is styled and reflects a modern rockabilly and pinup look, rather than incorporation of periodically accurate themes or true vintage pieces. Contestants will need to embrace pinup and rockabilly style in their outfit. This can include tiki style, rock n roll style and even psychobilly. Be creative in your interpretation. Props are encouraged. ***Please keep in mind this is a family friendly event. Whilst a burlesque, or pinup look can be fantastic, extremely risqué outfits or over sexualised performances will not be allowed on stage.

Geekabilly: A melding of cosplay and pinup styles. Geekabilly is a nod to the regular stallholders of the of the Caribbean Markets who sell a variety of modern superhero and comic book collectables. It also serves to remind us that it is everyday heroes who help to end bullying. Whether in the schoolyard or online, it only takes one brave person to stand up against harmful behaviour and start to make a difference. Heroes come in all forms and don’t necessarily have to be modelled after a traditional comic book hero. Props, heroic performances and yells of “Never fear, I’ll save you!” are highly encouraged.

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