General Conditions

  • Admission price includes entry into the grounds and market. All rides, food & beverage, merchandise are charged extra.
  • No refunds or passes for re-entry will be given.
  • No animals may be brought onto the grounds.
  • The operation of some attractions may be affected by adverse weather conditions or maintenance activity. Published times of shows or attractions and ride sessions may vary.
  • Caribbean Gardens owns and operates the Chair Lift, Jungle Cruise Boat Ride and the Train Ride. All other Rides & attractions are owned and operated by independent ride operators and patrons are requested to follow safety standards as required by those operators.
  • Scooters, skateboards, bicycles, roller blades or other equipment that may interfere with pedestrian traffic are not permitted.
  • Caribbean Gardens reserves the right to refuse entry or remove guests from the park for vandalism, stealing, offensive behaviour, queue line jumping, failure to properly supervise minors under your care, persons suspected of being under the influence of alcohol or drugs, failure to follow safety instructions or failure to comply with these Conditions of Entry.
  • Caribbean Gardens reserves the right to inspect guest’s bags.
  • Any photographs, videos or sound recordings taken by you must be for personal use only. Any use, reuse or production for commercial purposes without our express written consent is strictly prohibited.
  • Your image or video may be taken at any time for security purposes or for use in marketing materials.
  • No commercially prepared food or alcohol is permitted into the park. We have a Fully Licensed Café and many other outlets that cater for a variety of dietary requirements.

Height & Health Advice

For your safety and comfort there are height and age restrictions on some rides and attractions.

  • The Chairlift has height and age restrictions that determine if one may ride alone or not. Children 1.3 Meters (130 cm) and above OR 13 years of age and above may take the ride without a Parent or Guardian. Children 1.3 Meters and below or less than the age of 13 years of age MUST be accompanied by a Parent or Guardian. The chairlift is limited to two passengers maximum at any given time. Thongs, loose jewellery, hand bags etc must be well secured. Management and Ride Operators retain the right for refusal or relevant restrictions to all personal at the time of operation.
  • To ride the Train, passengers must be a minimum of 10 years and over, if taking a train ride alone. Children less than 10 years of age MUST be accompanied by a Parent or Guardian. Management and Ride Operators retain the right for refusal or relevant restrictions to all personal at the time of operation.
  • To ride the Jungle Cruise Boat, passengers must be a minimum of 10 years and over, if taking a train ride alone. Children less than 10 years of age MUST be accompanied by a Parent or Guardian. Management and Ride Operators retain the right for refusal or relevant restrictions to all personal at the time of operation. Appropriate footwear must be worn when riding the boat.

Riders must be in good health and free from any potentially adverse medical conditions. You should seek medical advice if uncertain. E.g. pregnant women should seek medical advice before riding any rides

Further specific requirements may be displayed at the Rides and throughout the Park, and must be obeyed at all times. Please read the signs beside each ride carefully to make sure you can use the facility safely.


  • There are inherent risks in the participation in or on an amusement ride or device. You, by your participation, accept the inherent risks of which a prudent person is or should be aware. You should consider this participation an exercise in good judgment and act in a responsible manner while using the facility.
  • Adults are responsible for minors under their supervision.
  • Minors under the age of 10 must be supervised by a responsible adult at all times.
  • You must not participate in or on any amusement ride or device when under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • You must act with good judgment and consideration, both for yourself and others, and to refrain from behaviour which could affect your safety, the safety of others, or the safety of the device itself.
  • You must obey all reasonable written and verbal instructions and warnings, given by Caribbean Gardens staff including the operators of any ride or device, without objection.
  • You are responsible for your own personal property.
  • Vehicles are parked at your own risk. Caribbean Gardens will not be responsible for loss of, or damage to any vehicle, accessory or contents in, or on any vehicle parked in the venue.
  • Caribbean Gardens takes all reasonable steps to provide you with a safe and enjoyable venue. However Caribbean Gardens will not be liable to any person in respect of any loss of, or damage to, their personal property, or the loss of life or personal injury to, any person, whether that loss, damage or personal injury is caused by any person’s negligence (including the negligence of Caribbean Gardens) or otherwise. This exclusion of liability does not apply to liability which cannot by law be contracted out of, for example, because of the Trade Practices Act.

Use Of Grounds

Caribbean Gardens has provided the use of its grounds for wood-fire barbeque in designated areas for the enjoyment of its patrons. Please adhere to the following rules.
Patrons must not:
(a) pick any flower or injure or uproot any tree, shrub, flower or other plant or disturb or interfere with any fauna;
(b) misuse, deface, damage, remove or tamper with or attempt to misuse, deface, damage, remove from the facility or tamper with (without limitation) any seat, chair, table, rubbish bin, or structure.
(c) deposit litter, except in a receptacle provided for that purpose;
(d) throw or attempt to throw any stone, bottle or other projectile;
(e) cause any nuisance, interfere with any other person’s property, behave in any manner that may disrupt other
(f) use indecent or obscene language or threatening or insulting words or otherwise behave in a threatening, abusive, riotous, indecent or insulting manner;
(l) urinate or defecate otherwise than in a building or structure specifically provided for that purpose;
(q) allow any fire to be or become out of control;
(r) light any fire on a nominated Total Fire Ban day unless authorised to do so by Caribbean Gardens




Patrons are required to wear proper footwear as you will be playing on a field that has uneven surfaces. Bare feet are not permitted.

Care must be taken to avoid accidents or injuries to oneself or others. Players have a duty of care to behave in such a way that others may not be injured by their actions. They also have a duty of care to ensure that they do not injure themselves.

As a general rule, players follow golfing etiquette and should not strike a golf ball when there is the risk of endangering another player or other person in this facility, or by walking in front of a fellow player prior to them playing a shot.

Particular attention should be paid to the possibility of balls from other areas of the golf course that may stray into your vicinity, notice should also be taken that our golf course covers areas on which the terrain is undulating and there are a number of slipping and tripping hazards. In all cases if care is taken these risks can be reduced to a minimum and are completely avoidable. Players should be particularly aware of these in wet or cold conditions. Special care must be taken to avoid trips, slips and falls when standing on, or walking near, banks/slopes, as these are considered to be some of the most hazardous areas of the course, particularly during or immediately after adverse weather conditions.

Players are advised not to retrieve balls from the lake or any water on the course.

All golfers are reminded of the dangers of golf clubs being swung at high speed, never stand near or behind anyone swinging a golf club.

All players play at their own risk and should do nothing to jeopardise the safety of themselves or others.

Golf activities can be dangerous. All patrons should understand that they are exposed to certain risks during golf activities and that accidents can and do happen. Acceptance of entry releases Caribbean Gardens from all claims that entrants may have and indemnifies each patron and will keep indemnified Caribbean Gardens in respect of any claim by any person arising as a result of or in connection you’re your participation in golf activities in this facility.